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Chapter Book Series for Readers 6-9
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L. B. Anne's humorous series about a little girl who loves her natural hair and can't seem to stay out of trouble. For readers ages 6-9.

Curly Girl Adventures Series 


L. B. Anne's new dinosaur series about seven-year-old Tris, and her love of dinosaurs.

For readers ages 6-9.

Triskety Spindles Series

Chapter Book Series for Readers 8-12
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L. B. Anne's middle school series based on true stories from her youth in Queens, New York.

For 8-12-year-old readers.

Lolo and Winkle

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L. B. Anne's Christmas story about a homeless boy who believes a miracle wish can help him find the only family he knows. 

Sniker's Wish


L. B. Anne's new fantasy story about a girl from a mythical place. An adventure book for 8-12-year-old readers. 

The Way to Storey


L. B. Anne's historical fiction series about African American and Indigenous history in 1812 Spanish Florida.

Children of the Glades

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L. B. Anne's science fiction series about a strange girl with a unique ability. Adventure series for 8-12-year-old readers. 

Brave New World

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L. B. Anne's new story about a boy who believes that no one should be ignored.

It's Me, Jaxon! Can You See Me?

Chapter Book Series for Readers 9-14
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L. B. Anne's Amazon best selling Christian Fiction series about a girl with a special gift.

For readers 12 and up.

Sheena Meyer Series


L. B. Anne's new Christian fiction series about a teen's battle with depression, and the angel that saves her. For readers 12 and up. 

Everfall Series

Chapter Book Series for Readers 13-16

L. B. Anne's new edge-of-your-seat mystery about a girl who sees her boyfriend in the mirror after he dies. A thrilling tale. 

Never Really Gone

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What if you knew the day the world would end?

What the Good Girl Knew


L. B. Anne's Sheena Meyer characters continue into high school with a new series. Coming Soon.

Knights of the Gleam Series


The Maze Runner meets The Darkest Minds in this Science Fiction series for ages 14-17. Written under L. B. Anne's Pseudonym.

Sleeper Series

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