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About the Sleeper Series

Auri Blest is L. B. Anne's pseudonym for her young adult science fiction novels. For readers ages 14-17.

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The Ten

"It's The Maze Runner meets The Darkest Minds."

"You've made a sci-fi reader out of me!"

"I can't put it down! I am really enjoying it and I'm so glad there is more to the series"

The Ten
Book 1 of 3

In a world where extraordinary talents are both a gift and a curse, Aiden Quinn's unique abilities have remained a closely guarded secret. Hidden away with his mother, Aiden is known only as the enigmatic Sleeper—a name whispered by a select few scientists who understand the untapped potential within him.

As the year 2072 unfolds, Aiden's life takes a thrilling turn when he is granted admission to the renowned Institute of Anomalous Intelligence. Yet, his euphoria quickly gives way to a chilling realization: his acceptance was not based on his intellect alone. There are darker forces at play, and Aiden's emerging powers hold the key to an ancient mystery.

Surrounded by a select group of students, Aiden must navigate a treacherous path, unsure of whom to trust. Betrayal lurks around every corner, and the stakes couldn't be higher. For within Aiden's very being, a power is brewing—one that could either be their salvation or their downfall.

In this riveting tale of intrigue and danger, Aiden Quinn stands as a beacon of hope. Will he harness his newfound abilities to protect those he holds dear? Or will he succumb to the overwhelming forces that seek to exploit him? The fate of many rests in his hands, and the choice he makes will shape the destiny of all.

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The Eleven
Book 2 of 3
The Eleven

“I don’t want to give anything away, but Mrs. Quinn is a beast! That is all.”

“This book is on another level. It’s beyond book one. For real science fiction fans.”

Aiden and his fellow Sleepers thought their rescue from the clutches of the Institute of Anomalous Intelligence would mark the end of their ordeal. Little did they know, their journey had only just begun.

On the run and hunted, Aiden and his comrades have no choice but to stay one step ahead of their pursuers. Their priority: locate Farmer and Halland, the two Sleepers left behind during their daring escape. But as they delve deeper into their mission, a startling revelation emerges—there may be an eleventh sleeper among them, harboring secrets that surpass their wildest imaginations.

In their quest for answers, the Sleepers find an unexpected ally who guides them toward the truth behind their existence. As they seize control of their destiny, a newfound sense of purpose ignites within them. They are no longer victims; they are warriors driven by a shared purpose.

Together, they unravel the enigmatic origins that bind them and push the boundaries of their extraordinary abilities. With each revelation, their power grows, and they inch closer to unmasking the ultimate truth. But as they embrace their true potential, they must also confront the shadows of their past and the sacrifices that lie ahead.

In this thrilling continuation of their journey, the Sleepers embark on a dangerous path, fueled by the knowledge that they possess a power greater than anyone could have fathomed. The stakes are higher, the risks more daunting, and their unity more crucial than ever before. Will they unlock the secrets that define their existence, or will they succumb to the forces that seek to control them?


Book 3 of 3

“Farmer’s character really blossoms through the story in equally heartbreaking and “stand up and cheer” ways!”

Step into the captivating tale of Farmer—a ten-year-old runaway, weary of the cycle of foster homes and yearning for something more. 

No longer content to seek refuge among the runaways at the docks, Farmer embarks on a new journey, driven by a burning desire to uncover the truth of her origin. With unwavering loyalty from her best friend, Yoko, and the enigmatic guidance of crazy G-daddy, Farmer confronts the mystery that lies within her and the unfathomable power that courses through her veins.

The story is divided into three captivating sections: The Early Years, A New Beginning, and Sleepers. Within these pages, exclusive scenes offer chilling insights into the web of deception spun by the Institute of Anomalous Intelligence. As readers delve into the history and soul of Farmer, they are immersed in the lives of those who have played pivotal roles in her journey—those who have saved her very life.

Prepare to be captivated as the layers of Farmer's extraordinary life are peeled back, revealing the secrets and complexities that define her existence. Through her eyes, readers will experience the heartache, triumphs, and profound discoveries that shape her destiny. 



Book 4 of 4
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