Sleepers, A Science Fiction Series

"It's The Maze Runner meets The Darkest Minds."

The Ten

Book One


"Great for ages 14-17. The Maze Runner and Darkest Mind fans will love this series."

Although many students attend the prestigious, Institute of Anomalous Intelligence, only ten of them matter. The single most important, Aiden Quinn, the one whose neurological scan shows activity unknown to humans.

The year is 2072, and sixteen-year-old Aiden Quinn and his mother have kept his abilities hidden from the world. He is called a Sleeper by the few scientists that know of his existence. His abilities keep locks and barricades on every bedroom door at night and eventually led to the disappearance of his father.

Being accepted to the institute is a dream come true, but Aiden soon discovers his acceptance has nothing to do with his intelligence. What he finds is almost as terrifying as the power growing within him.

Knowing whom to trust could save him. Letting loose his full power could kill them all.


Book Four




The Eleven

Book Two


They shouldn't have brought us together. We are more powerful than they ever could have ever imagined.


Aiden was certain that being rescued from the Institute of Anomalous Intelligence would mean the end of the Sleepers’ nightmare. But he and the Sleepers are still on the run and have little time to find where General Sherin has hidden Farmer and Halland, the two Sleepers left behind during their escape. They thought they only needed each other to survive, but could there be an eleventh sleeper? One who knows more than they do about who they are and what they are capable of?


With the help of a surprising ally, the Sleepers are taking control as they search for the true origin of their existence.



Book Three


“Farmer’s character really blossoms through the story in equally heartbreaking and “stand up and cheer” ways!”


Farmer is ten years old, a runaway, and tired of foster homes. Now she’s on the run again. But this time, she’s not going to the docks to live among the other runaways. With the help of her best friend, Yoko, and crazy G-daddy, Farmer comes face to face with the mystery of her origin and the power growing within her.


From author Auri Blest comes a companion volume to the Sleeper Series, told from the perspective of the widely popular character Farmer. The story is split into three sections: The Early Years, A New Beginning, and Sleepers. Exclusive scenes add a jarring layer to the depth of deception at the Institute of Anomalous Intelligence. Readers get a glimpse into the history and heart of Farmer and the people who saved her life.