Author Visits With L. B. Anne


"I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful tonight was. Every single parent is texting me that you are amazing. Thank you thank you thank you so much for doing this for us!! It’s appreciated beyond words." 

I love to visit schools and share my love for writing and story-telling. My sessions are highly interactive and will have the kids laughing and jumping out of their seats to participate. In the sessions, I talk about writing, discuss where I draw my inspiration for stories, share sketches and illustrations from the book, and often have my illustrator along with me to discuss the characters. 

By the end of each session, my hope is that the students not only learn a little more about the writing process, but they also leave with a deeper appreciation for the world we live in and the diverse cultures within it.

I would be happy to speak at your banquet, conference, or other events.

Key Presentation Features
The session format is dependent on the age group and

can be customized upon request: 

  • Behind the scenes of the book and an

       overview of how a book is made.

  • The theme of the book. Different books have different

       themes. We may discuss bullying, courage, friendship,

       and/or new adventures. 

  • An interactive telling of a story from my youth, not

       included in the book, where courage was involved.

  • The whole class gets to participate in adding to the story,

       and learning how to develop it. This is the most popular

       part of the presentation.  

  • An opportunity to create and name a character for the

       next book of the series.


Session Logistics

  • Each session lasts for 40mins. 30mins of presentation and 10mins for Q & A.

  • Ideally, the sessions should be limited to 50 kids or fewer, however, if you need to fit more kids into the session, please contact me. 

  • Schools should provide a digital projector and screen. I'll bring a laptop.

The prices below are applicable to sessions held within Central Florida.  Sessions outside the Central Florida area will incur additional travel/mileage expenses. (Travel expenses do not apply to schools that I attended).

  • 1 Session: $500

  • 2 Sessions: $750 

  • 3 Sessions: $1200 

Sessions in locations that require a 3 or more hour drive will require overnight accommodation. Therefore, travel and accommodation expenses will be added to the session fees. Please contact me if you require 4 or more sessions. 


Schools across the country have made changes to what school looks like. Though I prefer connecting with students via in-person author visits, I am happy to engage with your students online! For a limited time: 

     Virtual Presentations

     $200 for a half-hour session of Q&A's for those who have read the book.

     $350 for a one-hour presentation.

**If my rates are beyond your budget, let me know what you can afford and I'll do my best to say yes. No school should miss the magic of an author visit due to financial limitations. And the kids are what matter to me most. So please, let's make it happen!**


If you choose to book a day of presentations, please know how much I appreciate it. Children's writers are a happy crew, but they live in financial uncertainty more often than not. Your decision to host an author (me) can make the difference between making the monthly bills and not making the monthly bills. 

In addition, I will provide an order form for books, so I may provide signed copies at the visit.

​Did I miss something? Don't hesitate to ask any questions you might have. I'll do my best to help. Here's hoping we can share an author visit soon! Thanks for even considering it. 

L. B. Anne