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JOA Press

Founded in 2018 by author L. B. Anne.

This imprint's outlook is to bring you diverse novels

of various genres from engaging voices.

A place for those who push beyond their fears, pick up their pens, and write. They show us new worlds and teach valuable lessons, sharing a precious gift that gives us joy and hope.


"Previously, I created a 16-week journal for teen girls and a 30-day devotional and journal for women. I did everything the wrong way. I told my mentor I was thinking about revamping my books or writing a totally different book, and she connected me with JOA Press. JOA Press held my hand through the entire process, educated me on what I did wrong the first time, and showed me how to fix it. When I originally published the books, I didn't tell many people about them because I didn't believe in them enough. With JOA Press's help, I am pretty sure the books are going to be best sellers! JOA Press is a godsend, and I recommend it to anyone who is writing a book. Call her FIRST instead of trying to do things on your own. 

—  Name, Title

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Tessa E. Boyd

Read Tessa's extraordinary journey from misfit to entrepreneur. Learn how to let go of beliefs that limit you, how to build a BAIL team, and much more...


L. B. Anne

A time travel fantasy series for

ages 12-14. These stories deal with teen mental health. Christian fiction.

A time travel fantasy series for

ages 12-14. These stories deal with teen mental health. Christian fiction.

A fantasy stories for readers ages 8-12

The underground railroad didn’t only run North, it also ran south to Spanish Florida. And out of that southern area came a young warrior on a quest to save her Black Seminole family.
Historical fiction 
for ages 9-12.

Micheal Anderson

New from Micheal Anderson! The second book of the Zoey Lyndon series! Check it out.


Kamia Hayes

A journal that helps teens develop confidence and a positive attitudes. 


L. B. Anne

A new chapter book series about dinosaurs, for early readers.



L. B. Anne's research for her upcoming middle grade historical fiction series on Black Seminole Indians.

Spotlight on:

Teaching Kids About African and Native American Heritage


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