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About the Sheena Meyer Series

L. B. Anne's Christian Fiction series is about a girl with a special gift. It is for those who love stories of bravery, self-discovery, compelling characters, and a fight against evil.


Sheena 1
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The Girl Who Looked Beyond the Stars

"The Girl Who Looked Beyond the Stars, the first book in author L.B. Anne’s Sheena Meyer series is fantastic! I like how Sheena figures out she has powers, and how she trusts her friends but wants to protect them also. Some parts of the story are sad. Some parts of the story are scary. But some parts of the story are so funny, they made me laugh out loud!"  - Amazon Reviewer

Book 1 of 7
The Girl Who Looked Beyond the Stars

"What am I?"


Sheena Meyer is the girl who brings an extra lunch to school each day just in case someone doesn’t have lunch. She’s also the girl that questions and investigates everything, driving her parents and teachers nuts. She spends most days waiting for some grand event to happen and change her life, but she won’t have to wait much longer.


The Murk is coming for her because of a gift she doesn’t know she has.


Nine years ago an angel appeared in front of select kids all over the world. In Michigan, it appeared in a willow tree in front of a four-year-old little girl. She's the only child who saw it, the one with the gift. Sheena is now thirteen and has since forgotten what she saw. But things change when her father is in a terrible accident, and she witnesses a supernatural being save him. 

"I saw what you did. Come back!"


An elderly man, a peculiar new kid at school, and mysterious text messages will change everything Sheena has ever believed in, sweeping her out of a humdrum, teenage, existence, and setting in motion what one little girl’s destiny can mean to the world. 


Sheena 2

"I sent this book directly to my 12 yr old god-daughter, so I never got to read it. Among several books that I have sent her, she says this one is by far her favorite." - Amazon Reviewer

"★★★★★ "SOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!! This was my favorite book in the whole world!!!!!!!!" - Amazon Reviewer

Book 2 of 7
The Girl Who Spoke to the Wind

To save the people she loves, Sheena must dare to look where she’s most afraid and put her trust in angels.


The mystery continues in this second installment of the Sheena Meyers series. Sheena learns her family has been hiding something from her. Something BIG.


Ever since the day she first saw the being in the hospital, another world now exists for Sheena. A world where the Murk is carried with the wind, angels send text messages, and she is almost killed while witnessing a kidnapping.


Now Sheena and her two best friends, Chana and Theodore, begin a dangerous investigation to answer Sheena’s three big questions: Who am I? What do I believe? Are we in danger?


The truth is unsettling and remarkable and will turn their world upside down. Sheena must call on her courage and fight for her classmates. Can one thirteen-year-old save missing children and stop an evil that plagues the city?


Sheena 3

"The series took us on an unbelievable journey filled with heartwarming and heart-pounding moments. Good versus evil personified, demonized and personalized. Totally enjoyed them all." - Amazon Reviewer

Book 3 of 7
The Girl Who Captured the Sun

Is one gleamer enough to confront the Murk head-on in this third installment of the Sheena Meyer series?

In The Girl Who Spoke to the Wind, Sheena fought against thoughts of fear and defeat—mind games used by the Murk to make her lose hope. She and her friends faced Luke Tobias and risked their lives to save Dingy and the missing children. But it’s clear the fight against the Murk has just begun. Sheena sees the Murk everywhere; at her school dance and in her classroom. Only this time, someone else sees it too. 


If angels are with her, Sheena can't tell. She hasn’t received a text or any form of contact from her angel. It worries her so much that she’s having nightmares and believes she is no longer a gleamer. She turns to the Lumen for answers, the strange book left to her by Mr. Tobias. It’s written in a language only she can decipher and unfolds a destiny she’s not ready to accept. At that back are blank pages that fill as the Murk gets stronger. 


When the Murk can't get to Sheena because of her guardian, it releases something terrifying, and Sheena fears there’s no hope. Can she figure out what the “Brilliant light” is that the Lumen speaks of in time to save her friends?

The Girl Who Captured the Sun is the third book in the Sheena Meyer adventure series. It’s a perfect fit for readers who love fast-moving page-turners with memorable characters.


Sheena 4
The Girl Who Became A Warrior

"What a storyline. Trust me, you won't see this coming!" 

- ARC Reviewer

Book 4 of 7
The Girl Who Became a Warrior

Some battles break you. Others make you a warrior.

A few weeks have passed since the standoff against the Murk. Thirteen-year-old Sheena Meyer is hopeful that her world is normal again, but it isn’t. She hears a cry for help that no one else can and learns: evil doesn’t disappear; it finds a hiding place. It knows Sheena’s weakness and has set a trap for her. But Sheena has a secret that changes everything.

In this fourth installment of the Sheena Meyer series, Sheena learns of the connected gleamers and the mystery surrounding them. Together, they must come against a threat created by the Murk and learn we all have a warrior inside of us. Sometimes it takes a little help from heaven to bring it out. 

The Girl Who Became a Warrior is the fourth book in L. B. Anne’s Christian science fiction series for those who love stories of bravery, self-discovery, compelling characters, and a fight against evil.

Buy The Girl Who Became a Warrior to read L. B. Anne’s latest adventure today!


Sheena 5
City of Gleamers

"A well-done cast of unique, endearing characters and such a compelling story." - ARC Reviewer

"It's like this is a television series, and I can't wait for the next episode." - ARC Reviewer

Book 5 of 7
City of Gleamers

Never underestimate a group of kids and their will to survive.


The threat of the Murk is now put to rest . . . Or is it?

Thirteen-year-old Sheena Meyer and her friends were victorious in rescuing her guardian angel. They even gained a new member of the team, Logan. There is something mysterious about the boy, and Sheena is determined to find out what he’s hiding.

In this fifth installment of the Sheena Meyer series, Sheena must unravel the mystery of the City of Gleamers.

Muskegon was once filled with gleamers like her. Those who glowed and had special gifts. But what happened to them?

She is caught in the middle of an eternal battle and must confront the past in order to prevent what’s coming. And it’s coming for her.

City of Gleamers is the fifth book in the Sheena Meyer series, in which a diverse group of middle school students come together to fight a centuries-old evil with the help of angels.


Sheena 6
Secret of Shadow and Light

"I loved this story and Sheena's epic battle to get rid of the Murk." 

- ARC Reviewer

Book 6 of 7
Secret of the Shadow and Light

There is a secret that came into being during the age of gleamers. This secret has affected the lives of children all over the world. Contained in its mystery is not only the truth but a warning. The day will come when that warning determines the course of the gleamer. That day is now . . .

Giftings have a price.

Thirteen-year-old Sheena Meyer found out the secret attached to being the last gleamer. All the while, the rise of Phoenix means more trouble for Sheena and her friends.

Now, Sheena searches desperately for what will keep her alive. But can she fight her destiny?

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Sheena 7
May Your Vision Be True
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Book 7 of 7
May Your Vision Be True

There are moments that change a kid’s life forever.


Before Sheena Meyer ever saw the archangel save her father. Before the strangest night of her life in the field witnessing a battle between angels and the Murk. Before she found out she had to die…


There was a vision.


Sheena didn’t know it, but that vision would determine her future.


Sheena thought she knew how things worked–things like figuring out middle school and how to be a teenager. But most thirteen-year-olds didn’t know about dark hope-stealing forces or the secrets below a city. 


Sheena comes from a long line of gleamers, and that’s okay. But now she’s having visions that are leading to something big–a future she doesn’t want to see come to pass. 


All Sheena wants is a break from it all, to spend time with friends and enjoy her last year of middle school, and a life without danger. 


But first, she has to convince the angels. 


Join Sheena and her Gleamer Squad in this thrilling seventh book in the Sheena Meyer series and consider the consequences of losing your vision.


May your vision be true, gleamers.


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