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Angel Girl Awakening

"Gasp! You won't believe what happens to Sheena!" - ARC Reviewer

Angel Girl Awakening
Book 1 

For readers ages 13-16 (Beginner YA)

Sheena Meyer and her friends have formed a tight-knit group determined to fight for what is right, no matter the cost. But when Sheena unlocks a childhood memory involving an angel, she begins a transformation her father calls “the change.”


Enter the Knights of the Gleam, a group of exceptional teens tasked with battling darkness. Together, they face off against the Murk, an enigmatic force determined to extinguish the hope of mankind, starting with children.


But as Sheena and the knights unravel the secrets of Drake, the Murk’s powerful avatar, their loyalty to each other and their pursuit of truth are put to the test. With each new revelation, they discover that the stakes are higher than they ever imagined.


The journey they’re on is one that spans time and transcends our reality. Can Sheena and her friends call on their guardian angels for help? As they confront Drake’s secrets, will they emerge with their sanity, and their bond of friendship still intact?


Angel Girl Awakening is a thrilling adventure that will keep readers on the edge of their seats.

In this new series from the Sheena Meyer universe, Sheena and the Knights of the Gleam navigate through the treacherous waters of adolescence, spiritual warfare, and the unknown. An engaging read for anyone who enjoys stories of adventure, mystery, and self-discovery, particularly with a fantasy or supernatural twist.



About the Knights of the Gleam Series

L. B. Anne's new Christian Fiction series from the Sheena Meyer series universe.

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Hidden Thorns
Book 2
Hidden Thorns

With their inner circle rocked and their world falling apart, will the Knights of the Gleam be able to rally together to rescue Sheena?

24 hours is all they have.


In this gripping sequel to Angel Girl Awakening, the Knights of the Gleam find their bonds of friendship are put to the ultimate test.


Deceptive appearances, unforeseen consequences, and secret pain emerge, testing the strength of their team and the limits of their abilities.

The Knights are distraught about Sheena being taken, only to face a new and more powerful adversary that challenges them in ways they never anticipated.

In a race against time, every gleamer must unite to rescue Sheena and confront this formidable foe. Friendships are tested, alliances forged, and sacrifices made, as the Knights delve into the heart of the darkness that threatens to consume them all.

Hidden Thorns is a story of courage, loyalty, and the resilience of the human spirit. Readers will be captivated by the twists and turns that unfold as Sheena and the Knights of the Gleam fight to overcome not only external threats but the hidden thorns within themselves. 

This thrilling continuation of the Sheena Meyer universe promises an adventure filled with mystery, self-discovery, and the enduring power of friendship.



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