Thirteen Reasons Why vibes meet Before I fall in this Christian fantasy for ages 12 and up.

What if you were sent back in time to save your own life? 

An angel has transported Aria back to the year 1982, the year her family moved to Michigan. She’d turned fourteen, was obsessed with E.T., and spent every afternoon glued to the television watching MTV. It was also the year she made a list of all the terrible things done to her and the people who betrayed her. 

Aria’s life hangs in the balance as she relives the bullying and humiliation that led to a terrible decision. Guided by an angel, she must change her past or deal with the consequences of giving up… again. 

Fighting through the same severe depression and anxiety that ailed her so many years ago, Aria learns why her life is worth living.

 A story of faith, forgiveness, strength, and love. And redemption.


Book 2  cover reveal COMING SOON!

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