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"Riveting historical fiction that will enrich and delight the audience." - Kirkus Review

"I have to say—WOW! I am blown away. Honestly, I love this story so much. And I am so impressed with how the author included so much factual information in an engaging story. Kids will be so entertained as they learn." - ARC Reviewer

"This story is touching and has so many good life lessons in it. Great job making a tough subject appropriate for kids." - ARC Reviewer


"Five Things About Dragonflies is a compelling story of a warrior girl, her family and village, and her bravery in the face of oppression, suppression, and slavery.” - ARC Reviewer

A fictional story about actual events in African American and Indigenous peoples’ history.

The underground railroad didn’t only run north, it also ran south to Spanish Florida. And out of that southern area came a young warrior on a quest to save her Black Seminole family.

Shortly after seeing curious smoke over the jungle, Talula finds her world’s peaceful existence breaking apart.

As the War of 1812 begins, changes are sweeping through Spanish Florida and are coming for ten-year-old Talula. Slave hunters are capturing both freedmen and runaways and taking them back to Georgia plantations. But when the slave hunters arrived in Spanish Florida, they found something completely unexpected—flourishing villages and an alliance between the people they hunted and Seminole Indians. And a war they had no idea about was brewing.

Talula, a Black Seminole free girl, sets out to protect her family and her village and must convince others to help in the fight against the slave hunters. She is not just a girl on a horse, she is a warrior. Her story is one of survival and resilience.

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Five Things About Dragonflies
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