"Oh my gosh, hilarious! Just read it."

~ ARC Reviewer

Fans of Junie B. Jones will love this hilariously spunky, little girl.

There are three things seven-year-old Zuri is sure of. First, beetle-faced Josh lives to terrorize her in class. Second, curly hair is the best hair in the world. (Good thing she has a ton of it!) Third, Pickle is her very best friend in the whole universe. 

When Neli surprises Zuri and Pickle with not-so-curly hair, Zuri comes to the rescue. She knows just what to do to return it back to its natural state. After all, she is the leader of the Curly Girl Club. But even leaders need to learn valuable lessons, like how terrible it is to exclude someone because of how they look.

Funny stories of imaginative play, friendship, and hair.


“Zuri!” her mom calls. 

“That’s me!” she used to respond. Now she says, “The Great!”  It’s her superhero name. But there’s one problem. No one knows how great she is. Zuri searches the neighborhood for ways to show people her greatness. When she overhears that her aunt may cut her beautiful afro, Zuri has a big idea. “This is a job for Zuri the Great!” Determined to save her aunt’s hair, Zuri creates a new hair product. In doing so, she learns a valuable lesson:  It’s not the good she does for others to see that makes her great; it’s the good she does when no one is watching.


Second grade's hilarious curly hair lover is back, and she's got a new product to try out!

"You'll laugh and shake your head, because Zuri hasn't learned her lesson." Arc Reader


Zuri is not a stranger to trouble, but this time she's in a tangled mess with Beetle-faced Josh! Not only that, she thinks she's lost Pickle as her best friend, forever. In this third installment of the Curly Girl Adventures series, Zuri is taught a lesson by her teacher, Mr. Bugby, and her parents. But is it enough to stop Zuri from creating any new inventions?

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