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Triskety Spindles Dinosaur Adventures

"Such a fun chapter book!" - ARC Reviewer

Triskety Spindles | Dinosaur Adventures

My name is Thomas and I have a twin, but she’s a girl. We’re not connected or just alike or have some kind of secret understanding like people say twins do. Nope. We are complete opposites. I like playing chess, eating applesauce, and fishing.

And my twin . . .

Well, Tris likes everything else. But mainly, she likes dinosaurs. I mean, she really likes dinosaurs. Even more than candy. What kind of girl does that? Tris, that’s who. She’s strange, I tell ya. She changed her name, and you won’t believe what happens when our second-grade class goes on a field trip to a dinosaur park–her favorite place in the whole world.

Tris sneaks away to explore and gets caught. That’s what happens. Then, she has to spend the day in the park manager’s office until our parents arrive. But that all changes when mysterious Mr. Gon Dwala walks in. He is more than a park manager. Tris soon finds herself among real dinosaurs and running from Thaddeus. She has something he wants, and she’d better give it to him before she gets eaten!


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