"What a great story! Please consider making it a series" ARC Reviewer

"Absolutely love it.  It has such an interesting blend of classic MG fantasy and just a smidge of superhero-like influence, it's a fast and attention-grabbing read." ARC Reviewer


Beyond the Bright Sea meets Willa of the Wood.


She doesn’t know why she’s been sheltered far from society... until now. Can this tween find her family and mythic homeland?


Eleven-year-old Luella Charles adores her unordinary life. Living in the middle of a swamp with her grandpa, their days are spent sitting on their boat talking about the mystical land of Storey. But after returning from town to research the supposed region, Luella is terrified when government officials arrive and take Gramps away.


After hiding from the kidnappers, a peculiar light shining from her grandfather’s drawer leads Luella on a cross-swampland adventure. But without his guidance, the determined girl fears she’ll never make it to safety.


Can this curious child reach the secretive land and set Gramps free?


The Way to Storey is an imaginative middle grade fantasy. If you like lovable protagonists, charming settings, and unexpected plot twists, then you’ll love L. B. Anne’s fantastical tale.


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"I grabbed this book because of the cover and I thought it would be something my grandkids would love. The thing is, I read it, couldn't put it down, and fell in love with it. Although it is suited for 8 - 12 year olds, this much older reader thought it was such a fantastic story and found herself on the edge of her seat most of the read because it flowed so well that you really had no idea what was going to happen next. I read in one of the other reviews that they were hoping for a series. YES PLEASE, what happens next was something I really wanted to know. It did not end on a cliff hanger but after following the birds for so long I really wanted to know more. This is my first ever read by this author and I have already mentioned her to my daughters and I will be buying a copy of this for each of my grands! I simply loved this story and the character of Lu was so amazingly written. I can't recommend this high enough for any was a fantastic book!" Amazon Reviewer