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"A variety of creatures, a lovely culture, and a rich history establish this planet and sets up the ideal opportunity for secrets, mystery, and adventure. L. B. Anne weaves an easy progression from her excitement about Arsara to her longing to return to New York. The growing desperation to get home gives this science fiction adventure a human element. Gemma Kaine Sky Rider is a delightful foray into science fiction with an adventure that blends action, mystery, and wonder while a young girl searches for a way to return home." - Readers Favorite

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Gemma Kaine Sky Rider

"It almost reminds me of John Carter of Mars, with a twelve-year-old main character. Love it!" ARC Reader

Book 1 of 2
Sky Rider | Brave New World

When Gemma turns twelve years old, something changes, but no one believes her.

At night, she falls asleep in her New York bedroom, and a moment later, she awakens on another planet with a whole new family. Somehow, she’s transported to a place where there are three moons, where the inhabitants live in harmony with all creatures. Arsara. 

Gemma prefers Arsara over Earth. But the peaceful planet isn’t what it seems. Monsters awaken. On a quest with new friends and creatures that protect her, she uncovers startling connections between Earth and her new home.

It is said that only the sky rider can find the princess and save Arsara. Is Gemma the key to unraveling the mystery of a lost kingdom? 

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Book 2 of 2 
The Curse of Mantlay | Brave New World

Coming soon 2024!

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