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For readers who love characters of the Marvel Universe such as Black Panther, and novels such as Fahrenheit 451, or the Left Behind series, with a superhuman twist.

Stay tuned for the 2024 Special Edition. 
Newly edited with additional scenes. Coming Soon.

The Dawn

Book One


Few children were born after the day of awakening. I am one of them. My name is Hannah and I am being hunted...  


The woman that found me now protects me. She and her people have become my new family. They risk everything to keep me protected.


The new world government calls us insurgents. They have left those living in this seemingly deserted metropolis few choices:  


Pledge or be eliminated. 

Hide or be eliminated.

Fight or be eliminated.


Heaven has sanctioned our survival and has sent a warrior to combat the evil forces at work against us. A terrifying battle to save humanity will prompt a sequence of events no one could imagine, and define the greatest love that one can have for another.



The Day of Awakening
Book Two 

My name is Jade. Seven years ago everyone I knew disappeared. People all over the world were missing. We call it the Day of Awakening.


I was eighteen years old and a leader of a faction that fought against the new world government. We protected the non-pledgers. You can't imagine what you are capable of until you are faced with death. Take some advice:


Forget. The old world never existed. 

Hope. We are not lost forever.

Assist. Your crazy is useful.


The hour has come to wake from sleep. We can't prevent the war that's coming. Heaven has sealed our fate. A complex web of secrecy, love, and terror ensues as we race to unravel the mystery surrounding the Day of Awakening. What will happen when the world knows the truth?

The People of the Prophecy
Book Three


They say the good die young. Well, the young are all that are left, and we are all infected. My name is Seth and I am the leader of the People of the Prophecy.


Evil is real and it has raged an all-out war against us. A virus released in Africa has now swept across the globe. 

War has begun to spread across North America. If you are viewing or listening to this recording, you have successfully made it to the Global Network Operations Center and found that we have evacuated.  Pay close attention:


Lock the doors. We will come for you.

Trust us. We have risked our lives to awaken you. 

Look up. We are watching you.

The prophecy is now coming to pass. Our faith, loyalty, and relationships are tested as we join forces with the enemy to battle the greatest threat the world has ever known. 

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