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African American/Trinadadian Ancestry.

From Brooklyn, New York.

Unit of Faction: Stabilizer.

Dawn's best friend.

Always wears camouflage and earrings.



Proficient in all fire arms, knives, and judo.

Considers herself Dawn's sidekick.

“I had to go back and get some things. We are not going through that door unarmed. We are not Dawn.”


African American.

From Queens, New York.

Unit of Faction:  Ascendancy and Stabilizer.

Second in command of the People of the Prophecy.

Former college student majoring in electrical engineering.

Classical pianist.


The Chosen One.

African American.

Seven years old.

Has Albinism.

Future Stabilizer.

Stephen's best friend.

Enjoys roasted grasshoppers.

Has secret powers.

“Courage is not the absence of fear but the ability to overcome fear to face any difficulty or danger that exists. Do you know how powerful that is? Dawn has been an example of that for us. We must have that same courage right now to protect each other.”

Hannah whispered something. Crystal walked along the side of her bed and leaned down towards her to hear. “What is it Hannah?” “I can see,” she whispered.


African American.

Height 6'5", 260 lbs of solid muscle.

Former FBI Agent.

Unit of faction: Stabilizer.

Seth's right-hand man.

Speaks four languages.

Has knowledge of all the government's top secrets.

A friend to all, an enemy to lose that ask for it.

Misses fantasy football.

“Back the hell up! I mean that literally. You came from the pit of hell. Back up all that hell back where it came from!”



Soldier Adams.

International Military Order soldier turned member of the People of the Prophecy.

Enlisted to please father, General Adams.

In love with Jade.

Friends of Darryl and David.

Controlled by Legion X.

Unit of Faction: Pastoral.

Hilarious at his attempts to be hip.

"Yeah! We just jumped out of a freaking helicopter without a parachute, and we are still alive!”

General Cain


“Because I remember!" Cain yelled. "I remember my part in setting all of this into motion!”

Alexander Cain.

International Military Order General.

Assistant to the ruler of North America.

Torn between his loyalty to the world leader and Dawn's people.

Has many secrets.

Why we like him? There's good in him.



Unit of faction: Stabilizer and Pedagogue.

Proficient in all fire arms, knives, and judo.

Jade's combat partner.

Nickname: Shaolin

The voice of reason.

“Yuck!” he said at the sight of their bodies. He had fallen back on a mound of them. “Dawn said you needed backup. Looks like you didn’t need me at all!”

Additional characters coming soon.

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