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Get an autographed copy of this illustrated chapter book for ages 9-12. 


“This is an inspiring story of a boy who is tired of being overlooked. There are so many people who wish they were seen and heard, aren’t there?” ARC Reviewer

“This is a great book to read with your children. It teaches kids that they are unique and should not be afraid to be who they are.” ARC Reviewer 


Everyone has a secret. Mine is a little different because it involves academics. My teachers think I’m uninterested in school. That’s only half true. I admit, school is BORING! I doodle through my lessons because I know everything they’re teaching.

But the truth is—and it’s also my secret—I’m a bonafide genius.

Don’t tell my mom because she doesn’t know yet. The problem is, even twelve-year-old geniuses have bullies to deal with. My friends and I are not just bullied but classified as “nerd zone” and ignored.

On a positive note, I’m going to change all that with a message that will put us in front of the world. So listen up. There’s a lot more to us than the color of our skin, disabilities, looks, or anything else you try to judge us on.

But will the message get to the one person who needs to hear it most?

Get your copy today!

Autographed Paperback of It's Me, Jaxon! Can You See ME?

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