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What if you had all the tools you needed to kick-start your author career?

The time has never been better
to write and publish your first book. Are you ready?


Imagine gaining the insights and tools to strategically write, publish, and launch your book.

Now imagine doing it without all the struggles that most first-time authors 


If you're committed to making strategic moves to write and publish your book, finding your tribe, and leveraging social media to get your book into the hands of your ideal readers (All while getting "how to" info from a six-figure (all from book sales) author)...


...Even if you're starting with zero audience, zero budget, and zero skills...

You're ready for...

The WPL Academy.

Writing by the Window
Limited spots available!


The WPL Academy 
Your Blueprint to Crafting, Self-Publishing, and Launching a Successful Book.

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This is for you if you're writing your first book and want to self-publish it.

With limited spots available, this program isn’t just about learning; it’s about doing. I roll up my sleeves alongside you, guiding you through each step until your novel stands head-to-head with traditionally published books.

At The WPL Academy, you're not just enrolling in a course. You're gaining insights from a seasoned author and publishing expert with a track record of success. With over forty published books, I have experienced the triumphs and tribulations of the writing and publishing industry firsthand.

The Community:

The WPL Club ($2,000 value) is one of the best parts of the course (and well worth the cost of the entire program).

Housed inside a private Facebook group, The WPL Club is a great resource for support and solidarity (Not to mention daily coaching and accountability from me!).

Some coaches jump ship after a course launches—not me. I keep showing up and providing tips, guidance, and strategies—whenever needed.

That means that as you write or publish your novel, you don't have to go it alone. I'll be there, as well as your other fellow authors!

Closing soon!


I´m Laurie, aka LB, and for five years, I've coached incredible writers like you!

I've been an author for almost a decade, and when I'm not writing and publishing my own books, I work with authors to help them achieve their dreams of becoming self-published authors.

Before I became a six-figure, award-winning, and best-selling author, I struggled with the same doubt that most new authors have.  I started this journey without a mentor or coach, and my first book flopped. After that fiasco, I gave myself two years to learn everything I could about this everchanging industry and have never looked back.


I offer you the opportunity to not go into this blindly. I'll help you bypass the mistakes I made. You'll have insights that other first-time authors won't, which puts you ahead of the game, and best of all, you won't have to deal with vanity publishers. 


Whether you´re grappling with procrastination, battling self-doubt, feeling overwhelmed, or simply lacking a clear strategy, we'll get you through it. You'll be among like-minded people who will help get you to your destination.

Envision the boundless potential that awaits when absolutely nothing is holding you back and hindering you from publishing.


My passion lies in helping others like you achieve their dreams. I've worked hard to make this course crazy effective for all of our students.


Are you ready to experience unwavering support on your path to author success? 

I'm here for you.



I´m so glad you asked, let´s break it down...

The WPL Academy is an online course, so you can enjoy it (and implement it) right from where you are!

Copy of February Mockups (2).png

3 modules with over 50 topics

6 LIVE group coaching sessions

Resource vault with writing and publishing templates

Access to my industry experts, e.g., editors, formatters, etc

Access to The WPL Club Facebook Community

Insider secrets

I need this!

Here's a tiny peek inside The WPL Academy course content:

Write It

For aspiring authors unsure of where to begin, I've got you covered in this foundational module. We'll establish a writing routine, uncover your motivations, pinpoint your story, and define your target audience. You'll grasp essential genre research, master novel writing for reader appeal, decide your approach as a plotter or pantser, and accelerate your writing with the EFB Method. Plus, discover effective platform-building strategies.

Module 01.
Module 02.

Publish It

You've completed your manuscript, now what? This module goes beyond Amazon or IngramSpark steps. Explore reader magnets, actual publishing costs, funding options, and my NNS Policy before you hit publish—we cover it all.

Launch It

You've done the hard stuff, and I'm pumping my fist in the air. Next, dive into mastering the art of book launching. We'll explore strategies, engage beta and ARC readers, introduce promo sites, and guide you in planning promo stacking, newsletter swaps, and effective advertising—all aimed at converting readers into fans.

Module 03.

You´ve landed on this page for a reason..

These are some of the most common problems holding my clients back from writing, publishing,

and successfully launching their novels. 

Sound familiar?

Doubting whether the project is worth even starting, putting off your book for another year

Dealing with self-doubt, imposter syndrome, or the fear of failure

Not knowing where to turn for help or finding help, but it will cost you $4,000-$10,000

Overwhelmed with all of the information on the internet and not knowing what to trust

Not knowing how to get your ideas down on paper.

The truth is..

Everyone and their mother has an idea for a book.

Everyone wants the benefits that come with being a successful author.

Everyone wants to make it happen.


But few know how, and they often settle for just selling a few books to friends and family. The average self-published author only sells 250 copies of their book.

We can change that!



My goal is to get that book

out of your head

and out into the world!

Working from Cafe

No more delaying the book you've been wanting to write for months or years.

No more falling down the Google, Podcast, or YouTube rabbit hole, trying to figure out how to write and/or publish your book. Or to find the best way to launch it.

No more falling down the Facebook author group rabbit hole, looking for help.

No more going to people that have little or no writing and publishing experience for help.

No need to worry anymore if you'll ever find the writing and publishing help and push you need to get your book in front of readers.

Let's do this...

You've found the help you need! Hint: The WPL Academy

There are numerous pitfalls with opportunistic individuals ready to exploit new authors, but Laurie is the complete opposite. Throughout my journey, I encountered various vanity press companies and people trying to mislead me into hefty payments. Laurie ensured that my experience was nurtured with care and constructive criticism.Working with this company has been a true blessing.

J. Lewis. December 2023 Google Review

 In a word, is amazing! This woman is so smart. I connected with L.B. several years ago while in the process of releasing my debut children's book. She's a wealth of knowledge and is always willing to assist you in reaching your writing goals. I admire her passion and am inspired by her work ethic, and love her authenticity. 

M. Anderson. January 2024  Review

After spending $8000 with a publishing company that was supposed to do everything for me, I found that my manuscript wasn't even edited properly.  Thank goodness for LB. She took over and I found out the real amount is costs to publish a book and how to find my readers on Amazon. I can't thank you enought for your help. And FYI, don't expect the results if you aren't willing to do what she suggests.

L. Moore. Jul 2023 Review


Join today to get the bonus bundle
Working in Cafe
Bonus No 1

Maximizing Social Media

(value $300)

Social media can be a great way to connect with existing readers, find new readers, and build trust. 

In this module, we’ll discuss how to use each social media platform to raise interest in your book and what you should post before and after your book's release.  Plus, reels vs. photos. What works best? Wait until you hear this. 

Bonus No 2

Using AI as an Authorpreneur

(value $200)

Demystify the AI game and helpful apps. 

AI tools can not and should never replace an author or an editor, but I will share ways they can help you improve your craft. 

Copy of February Mockups (4).png
Enroll now to get started

Everything you will get:

Copy of February Mockups (3).png




3 modules with over 50 topics

6 online group coaching session

Resource vault with publishing templates

Access to my industry experts, e.g., editors, formatters, etc .

Access to our private Facebook group

Industry secrets

Plus bonuses

Maximizing Social Media

Using A.I. as an Authorpreneur

Lifetime Access

Don't navigate those murky author waters alone! You've got The WPL Academy, and it's not going anywhere.

Yes, regardless of when you decide to start — whether next week, next month, or next year — you get lifetime access to the content. 

Lifetime access to the content and group are just part of the one-time investment you make when you enroll in The WPL Academy.

Maybe you're wondering...


Can't I learn all of this on YouTube?

While YouTube offers a wealth of free tutorials on writing and publishing, it's important to note that relying solely on this platform can lead to inefficiencies. Although you'll find numerous resources, the downside is spending countless hours sifting through tutorials, often encountering incomplete explanations and lacking structured learning materials. This approach may result in wasted time and a less effective learning experience, as you may not receive precise guidance designed to help you truly learn the skill you're after or the exact actions to take and in what order they are most effective.


There are other courses... How do you compare?

Indeed, there are numerous writing courses out there, and undoubtedly, some are quite impressive. However, distinguishing between them can be challenging. It's worth noting that amidst the plethora of options, there are courses offered by individuals who may have minimal industry experience, perhaps having published only a single book yet claim authority in the field. At WPL Academy, you're assured of learning from a reputable source – an author with extensive industry experience spanning years, having successfully published over 40 books and nurtured other authors along the way. Here, your education is grounded in real-world experience, not merely a course generated by artificial intelligence.


What if I have no writing skills?

It's common to feel uncertain about your writing skills, but you're not alone in this. Many successful authors began their journey without any prior writing experience. At the WPL Academy, we specialize in guiding individuals like you through the process of developing your ideas and preparing your novel for the crucial developmental editing phase, which is essential for all new authors. Don't allow your lack of writing experience to deter you from sharing your story. With our support, you can confidently embark on your writing journey.


The course opens on April 29th. Doors close on May 3rd.





-The complete program, The WPL Academy (3500 value)

-The WPL Club, a student's only group ($2000 value)

-Bonus: Maximizing Social Media and Using A.I. as an Authorpreneur
($500 value)

-Save $101! (compared to payment plan)

Best value!





-The complete program, The WPL Academy (3500 value)

-The WPL Club, a student's only group ($2000 value)

Flexible option



If The WPL Academy truly does not help you, simply e-mail us your

end-of-module homework from lessons 1 and 2 within 14 days from date of purchase, and we will issue you a full refund.

After those 14 days, you're stuck with us. (But I think you'll see that's a very good thing.) 😉


If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.


See you inside!

*DISCLAIMER: The book sales figures mentioned are specific to L. B. Anne and represent her individual results. It is crucial to recognize that these outcomes are not typical, and we do not suggest or guarantee that you will achieve similar results. Taking no action will likely yield no results. We utilize these sales figures for illustrative purposes only, emphasizing that your results will vary based on various factors. These factors include but are not limited to, the genre and nature of the book you are writing, as well as your personal work ethic. Engaging in any business endeavor involves inherent risks and demands consistent effort and action. If you are unwilling to accept these realities, we strongly advise against applying for The WPL Academy course. It's essential to approach the program with a realistic understanding of the challenges and uncertainties inherent in any business pursuit.

All rights reserved ©2024  by The WPL Academy

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