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Why Diverse Books Are Important

Check out this quote from R. D. Ruttenberg: "We need diverse representation not only so every kid can see themselves as the hero of the story, but so that every kid can understand that other kinds of kids are also the heroes of the story."

I really appreciated those words. Back in junior high when I read a book a day, not one of the books was about someone that looked like me. That's a large part of why I write what I write. My books highlight not just my culture, but many cultures because that was my life growing up in New York. I want kids to see what it's like to live that life and see the world through the eyes of a kid like me. Readers experience African American culture, as well as Indian, Asian, and Spanish. And guess what, although there are differences, they find we are very much the same, and experience the same life challenges.

Thank you for stopping by, and I hope this encourages you to check out diverse books by diverse authors. And if you haven't started the Lolo and Winkle series, check it out here.


L. B.

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