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What's next for The Girl Who Looked Beyond the Stars?

Friends, I'm so glad you asked. I read every last one of your emails and messages. I read your reviews too. Thank you so much for your kind words, and support. Because of you, it is with a grateful heart that I tell you...

It's not over for Sheena Meyer!

I've heard you. Some of you made me laugh. You begged and pleaded that I not end the series. One reader said she would die if I did. LOL!

Honestly, it wasn't a hard decision to make. I loved writing this series and thought long and hard about where it could go from The Girl Who Captured the Sun. Readers even sent suggestions (without me asking). And I mean great suggestions. You guys are amazing.

The audiobook for The Girl Who Looked Beyond the Stars released last month (check it out). The audiobook for The Girl Who Spoke to the Wind is almost finished and it is incredible.

Stick around for the title and cover reveal of book four of the series next month.

I hear ya. I'm excited too. Huh? Yes, I'll make sure it's available for preorder. LOL. Sometimes I like to pretend you're talking to me as I write.

To all my Sheen Meyer readers, "May your vision be true."



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