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New Release Middle Grade Fantasy

Yay! It's release day! I'm so excited to share The Way to Storey with you!

Middle grade fantasy lovers will enjoy this fast-paced adventure of hope. Who wouldn't want to go on a journey to a mythical kingdom--via a book I mean. 😊

Check out Louella's aesthetics board. It was so much fun to put together. I know you can't take your eyes off the image on the bottom left. Yes, that's a Florida panther and they play a role in the book.

Eleven-year-old Luella has a life she loves. She’s homeschooled and lives on a swamp. But there is a reason she’s sheltered away from everything.

There is a place called Storey. Some say it’s just a myth. . . But it is where Luella’s grandfather says they are from. His instructions are for her to go there if anything ever happens to him.

“Follow the birds,” he said. But the birds disappeared and no one could explain why.

A mysterious light from her grandfather’s drawer leads Luella on a journey across the swamps of Southern Florida to find those like her. Along the way, she makes new friends, or are they enemies? And why is someone tracking her?

Luella is led down a path of discovery, exploring questions of identity, belonging, and finding home.

Get your copy here.

Before you ask, I'm am considering making this a series due to the response I'm already receiving. I'll keep you posted.



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