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New Middle Grade Fantasy Book

"I want Storey to exist as much as I want Wakanda to exist!" ARC Reader

My advanced reader team is hyping me up about this book. LOL! I'm not kidding. The reviews that are coming in are so amazing. The main thing I'm hearing is that this needs to be a series. I can't make any promises but I will certainly consider it.

The way to Storey releases on April 22nd.

I hadn't planned on writing this book, but it came to me while I was working on another project. So I paused on that one and wrote The Way to Storey.

The story takes place on a swamp in Florida where the main character, Lou, is raised by her grandfather. She is unlike any child ever born because she is said to come from a mythical place called Storey.

Lou is eleven years old and a little naive, as she's been hidden away. But she can do things others can't imagine and when her grandfather is kidnapped she must remember what he told her. "Follow the birds." Lou embarks on an adventure to find her way to Storey and those like her.

This is an image of Lou, short for Luella, that I made with an app that allows you to make characters. I wish it would've allowed me to take the eyelashes off. LOL!

What's Lou like?

-She's homeschooled

-Runs barefoot over swampland

-Talks to wildlife

-Doesn't comb her hair

-Has a bizarre connection to nature

-Wonders why people are afraid of her.

Have I piqued your interest yet? If so, you can preorder your ebook copy >>HERE<< or wait for the paperback which is usually available a week before the actual launch date.

For readers ages 8-12.

Thanks in advance for checking it out.



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