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Lolo and Winkle Go Viral is on Audible

Gah! The audible version of Lolo and Winkle Go Viral is now available, and I have promo codes for anyone in the U.S. or U. K. that wants to listen for free! I only ask that you consider leaving a review upon completion.

Let me tell ya, it was a long process. This was my first time adding a book to Audible. I listen to auditions from several narrators, and it was really hard to choose. I am so happy with my choice though, and hopefully, my next post will be an interview with her.

The hardest part was waiting weeks for the narration to be approved. You should have seen the smile on my face when I finally received the email that the audiobook was live.

I'm sure you will enjoy the audio version, and how the narrator brought the characters to life. If you would like a promo code so you can listen for free, just use the contact page and write, send my code, or shoot an email to . You can also request it via my Instagram or Facebook pages.

Thank you so much for your support,


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