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Getting Kids to Read More Books

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

How do we help our children develop a love of reading? Some say the answer is reading with them. But not just any book. They need stories that make them laugh and imagine. We want the smiles, oos, and ahs. And don't forget the things that interest them like dragons, cars, or jungles. Pfft! I know I don't have to tell you that. You know what your child likes.

There's so much I've already said regarding this subject in other blog posts, so I thought I'd turn this over to other moms.

I asked several mothers from across the country, and different walks of life, how they approach reading with their children. I also asked what their favorite reading memory was from childhood. Take a look at what they shared:

L. H., Author and Homeschooler, Maryland

I try to read with my children every day. Ideally twice a day. And at least one of the times I pause to ask comprehension questions, discuss meaning, and observe pictures. There are a lot of educational opportunities while reading and I try to take advantage of them.

Favorite reading memory:

My memory is finishing a chapter book of the little mermaid when I was seven years old and realizing I can read chapter books now. I read Ralph and the motorcycle next and couldn't wait to explore other books.


D. B., Teacher, Florida

I ask the girls what they want to read. I also ask them if they want me to read it to them or they can read it to me. I want the girls to grow up enjoying to read. We have a ton of books in our house. They know that some books help you grow as a reader (mainly the books for the six-year-old with sight words) and some books help you grow in knowledge of a subject or knowledge in a character/situation. They can read a book where the main character gets into a lot of trouble, and they can figure out the solution--without having to get into that same situation themselves.

Favorite reading memory:

I loved it when my second grade teacher, Mrs. Fike, would read to the class. That inspired me to read Roald Dahl books to my kiddos in my classroom.


H. J. University Advisor, Florida

I read with them, the book of their choice. But honestly, they read to themselves or each other now.

Favorite reading memory:

My favorite book from my childhood was The Story about Ping by Majorie Flack and Kurt Wiese.


D.V. Healthcare, Maryland

I try to find books that focus on things she likes, as well as books that remind me of her personality. I encourage her to read daily.

Favorite reading memory:

My favorite reading memories were back in elementary school. I read two-three chapter books a week. The best part included being rewarded with free pizza each month from Pizza Hut!


T. M. Attorney, Alabama

Reading books with the kiddos is a bedtime ritual. Although, I’m convinced it’s a ploy to avoid going to bed. We read at least three books and I try to engage them as much as possible. I love to ask them questions and even ask them to read.

Favorite reading memory: One of my favorite childhood books is The Snowy Day.


Dr. S. P., California

I homeschool our twin daughters, so we read together all the time in different ways, depending on the purpose and the subject. We see it as an important part of learning how to communicate and learn. Recreationally, we made going to the library weekly for fun books a fun time. I let them get whatever books they wanted, even if they were beneath their reading ability, just because they liked the book.

Favorite reading memory:

My own favorite reading memory in my childhood (I’m about to date myself) is reading the Encyclopedia Brittanica. My aunt had a set that she would let me borrow, one book at a time. I’d read those pages and learn a little about every subject in the world. From a young age, it expanded my world and I loved it.


There you have it, friends. I noticed a common theme here. Did you? All of these moms make time to read with their children. As I mentioned at the beginning of this blog, I love the idea, especially with boys, of finding books about things they are interested in. With my son, it was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle everything. Phew! I'm so glad those days are over. Now it's all about manga and anime with him.

Now, I'd be remised if I didn't share reading options with you from my own catalog. :)

Chapter book for girls, ages 6-9, who love funny stories and hairstyles: Pickled Pudding Curly Girl Adventures

For girls and boys, ages 9-12, who love funny middle school stories: Lolo and Winkle Go Viral

For Tweens and Teens girls ages 11-14: The Girl who Looked Beyond the Stars


LB's favorite things:

I had never had a corn cake before in my life. I'm a waffle person, and my husband is a pancake person. I never expected to like these. Now they're my favorite, and it's the only kind of pancake my husband will eat now. Do not leave out the orange zest. And try it exactly like the recipe first, with the honey and berries. Yum! My husband, however, went straight for his Log Cabin syrup.

I made them twice last week. Get the recipe here: Ricotta-Citrus Cornmeal Pancakes

Friends, thank you for stopping by. I hope you're encouraged that your children can enjoy reading as much as you do. Don't give up. I truly believe there's a book for every child.



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