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Win a Free Middle Grade Fantasy Book!

Ten lucky winners will receive an autographed copy of L. B. Anne's #1 best-selling middle grade novel, The Girl Who Looked Beyond the Stars. The giveaway ends on August 31st. Enter HERE. Good Luck!

“He’s still unconscious, but he’s breathing on his own and…”

That’s the last thing I heard the doctor say. That lump moved deeper into my throat. My eyes drifted from the white sheet that covered my dad, to one of his legs lifted, and in a cast, up to his bandaged head, and the tubing in his nose.

I gasped, seeing the cuts and scrapes on his face, and the swelling. But he was alive.

A tear dropped from my eye and rolled down my cheek. My mom must have noticed, because I felt her hands on my shoulders.

“He’s going to be okay,” she whispered.

My eyes were still on his face, memorizing it, and comparing it to the once handsome features I could no longer see.

A flash of light broke my focus. I looked from my dad’s face, up above him, to the ceiling. My knees buckled, and I stumbled to the side and back a couple of steps into the chair by the door.

My mom caught me. “Breathe, Sheena, breathe. Maybe I should take her out.”

The doctor asked me something, but I couldn’t nod or speak. I wanted to, but that lump in my throat grew and cut off my air supply.

I wanted to point and yell, “Look!”

My mom looked back at my dad, but she didn’t have the reaction I had. Why not? Why wasn’t she ready to run as she always claimed she would if she saw something unusual—a creature?

Over my dad stood a being. I didn’t know what else to call it. It was white, but not like the color white. Kind of translucent and bluish, tall, and it glowed. I watched as it waved a huge hand over my dad’s head, passing right through it...


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