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Why Start a Reading Challenge

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

I wasn't supposed to talk about summer reading challenges today, but in light of social distancing due to this global pandemic, I think now is a good time to start a reading challenge. Psst... Come closer. Reading challenges aren't just for kids.

In this time of mandatory isolation, someone needs to check on us huggers. We are not okay. This is me hugging myself every day. Look out world when this thing is over. There will be some mass hugging going on. LOL. I'm going to run up and down the streets hugging people. But seriously, how are you coping? Are you okay?

That brings me to what I'm really here to discuss today. Reading challenges. There's a learning loss that kids can experience over the summer, right? So we get why a reading challenge is important over summer break. But what about now? I mean it just got real. We're in hiding like it's the zombie apocalypse out there. We don't know how long the kids will be out of school and we're homeschooling now. Homeschooling! I wasn't ready. I say every teacher's pay needs to be tripled.

A reading challenge or plan keeps the kiddie's reading skills strong. You don't have to use a plan from your local library. You can do this yourself.

Make it fun for them. Let's see how many books you can read or let's have a contest. Let's see who reads the most books. Your kid will be happy to compete against you. Then they'll do a dance like this--so competitive. Why are they like that? Or is that just me? :)

Keep track of your books in a big way. Use a poster board tacked on the wall. Create incentives for milestones. If your child finds reading difficult or claims he doesn't like reading, decide how many minutes a day he should read. Let the children see you reading. Read while they read. Younger kids love stickers. Use them. I mean on the poster board, like 5 stars per book or something. You guys are funny. How did you think they were going to use them, all over their faces?

Where are you going to get the books with everything being shut down? Now is a good time to utilize what your local library has available to you online. Independent bookstores are doing curbside pickup. Utilize Amazon or other online retailers for hard copies.

You can read unlimited books with Kindle Unlimited. There are also free and discounted book websites where ebook selections are emailed to you daily:

Have other kids join in to make it a larger competition. Neighbors, cousins, friends--all from their own homes. How about sharing a book report or review via Skype or Facebook with them? I don't recommend money or candy for incentives. But you can if you want because that's your business. Tacos. Try tacos. A taco per book. That would work for me. I'm just saying.

Don't make it difficult. This should be fun. Find books that excite you and take you to new worlds.

I hope this information has been helpful. If you're interested in using any of my books for your reading challenge, check them out here (Children and Middle Grade, Young Adult). You never know, If you add one of my books to your challenge and contact me, I may have to surprise your kids with a Skype visit for meeting their goal. Don't forget to tag @authorlbanne when you post a picture of or with one of my books.

Friends, I'm so happy you stopped by. Stay safe. I owe you a hug (insert wink.)



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