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Unveiling Hidden Thorns: A Journey Through the Knights of the Gleam Series

Get ready to dive back into the Knights of the Gleam series with the release of Hidden Thorns. This sequel to Angel Girl Awakening is about to give you some "Oh my gosh" and "Oh, no, he didn’t" moments. And maybe an "Are you serious?" followed by, a "I can’t believe it."

Knights of the Gleam series banner

For those who may be confused about the the Sheena Meyer vs. the Knights of the Gleam series,  Knights of the gleam serves as the high school narrative within the Sheena Meyer universe. In the Knights of the Gleam series, Sheena and her team are depicted as being 15 years old and older, as opposed to the 13-year-old age range in the Sheena Meyer series.

Hidden Thorns will answer all of the questions you've had about Sheena Meyer since The Girl Who Looked Beyond the Stars (I think).

First, order your copy of Hidden thorns. When you receive it, give Angel Girl Awakening another read before starting book two. Seriously, it's not just a suggestion—it's essential. Hidden Thorns picks up right where the first book left off, so you'll want to be up to speed.

Before I Let Go  teen Christian Fantasy story

Aunt Aria is back, bringing her gleamer gift from the Everfall Series.

Yes, the Everfall series is part of the Sheena Meyer Universe. It takes place long before Sheena is born. Sheena's father, Jonas, is a little boy in the series.

What Aunt Aria's gleam reveals to Logan in this book is probably my favorite part of Hidden Thorns.

Bradly from the Sheena Meyer series

Thank you to the readers who have let me know that they enjoy the multiple point of views in the Knights of the Gleam series. In Hidden Thorns, you'll get to know Sheena's friends even better.

Plus, this time, we will hear from Bradly, too. The story unfolds from different perspectives, adding layers to the adventure.

Phoenix from the Sheena Meyer series

Then there's the unanswered question from book one.... Where was Phoenix? Why didn't he show up with the other Knights of the Gleam at the trailer park? Would things have been different if he had shown up? I wish I could tell you. I think it's better if you read the story to find out the role Phoenix plays in this adventure.

So what happens? Sheena's in trouble, and the Knights of the Gleam have to save her, fast.

They've only got 24 hours to pull her out of the Murk's inferno.

As their team uncovers clues, they come to the shocking revelation that there is a more menacing enemy, surpassing even Drake, waiting in the shadows.

Marcus from the Knights of the Gleam series

The Knights face some tough challenges in Hidden Thorns. Their friendships are put to the test as secrets come to light and pain surfaces. But they've got to stick together if they want to stand a chance against the darkness closing in.

Hidden Thorns is more than just a follow-up. It's a story about courage, loyalty, forgiveness, and love. Join Sheena and the gang on their most challenging adventure yet. Available May 21st!

Hidden Thorns teen Christian Fantasy book

Before you ask, no, Hidden Thorns is not the last book of the series. The third book will release in 2025: Sacrifice of Echoes

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2 days ago


This is so amazing! I was so excited to finally see how everyone was going to be after Sheena got taken! This has been the longest wait so I've been so desperate for it. So proud of how far you've come along in the Sheena Meyer universe. Can't wait for next year! Yes, I'll have to wait for a whole year (and that'll be harder than this) but it's worth the wait🤗

Personal reader's note: I personally already knew that Belinda was a gleamer and was just waiting until you put it out. To me, it just makes sense how she was the first one to know Sheena was a gleamer and she also said that Nana was…

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