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Secret of Shadow and Light Cover Reveal

Here is a first look at Sheena Meyer book 6, Secret of Shadow and Light. May Dawney Designs did such amazing work on this cover.

Sheena Meyer series fans get ready!

There is a secret that came into being during the age of gleamers. This secret has affected the lives of children all over the world. Contained in its mystery is not only the truth, but a warning. The day will come when that warning will determine the course of the gleamer. That day it is now…


I’m so excited to share this news:

Book 5 of the series, City of Gleamers, will be available for pre-order next week (on my birthday) and release the following week. Secret of Shadow and Light will be available shortly after.

I’m releasing these books close together, because they are really two parts of one story. If I’d put it all in one novel, it would’ve been too large of a book. City of Gleamers is larger than any of the previous books of the series.

Did you know that the more pages a book has, the higher distributors price the book? I don’t allow my books to be priced any higher than the base rate, because I want them to be as affordable as possible.

Now, what’s important to know is that City of Gleamers ends on a pretty significant cliffhanger.

Wait, calm down. LOL. I won’t leave you hanging. I’m including the first chapter of Secret of Shadow and Light at the end of City of Gleamers. Problem solved.

These stories are filled with more of the hope and inspiration you're used to and a little more adventure. I hope you enjoy.



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