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New Middle Grade Book Release

It's here! Book two of the Everall Series, If I fail Is now available.


Aria died in 1982, but she was revived. An angel transported her back in time so she could learn a valuable lesson. In doing so, she came back to the present just in time to stop Brandon from doing the unthinkable.

Now they’ve been sent back to 1982 together, and must figure out why their lives are intertwined. The answers to their questions are tied up in seven letters Aria wrote to those who hurt her.

The more Brandon learns of Aria’s past, the more he finds out about himself. They have a mission, and what they discover about Stoneburg Academy is unnerving. Why is it called “the suicide school”? What happens if they fail?


The Everfall series is a faith-based series for readers ages 12 to 14. These books tackle difficult topics such as depression and suicidal thoughts among our youth--but in the form of a fantasy story.

It's been brought to my attention that youth groups and organizations are using this series as a way of getting kids to discuss mental health and what they may be going through or see taking place at school.

That warms my heart. It's why I wrote on such a difficult topic for younger readers. Some kids are experiencing these feelings as early as eleven years old, as I did.

This series isn't for everyone. I didn't mean it to be. But I wanted it available for those who needed it. Aria goes back in time to change the decisions she made at thirteen and saves her life and future. In book two, many lives are saved.

So what am I saying here? You are not alone. is a site I created for teens or parents of youth dealing with depression or suicidal thoughts. It's in its early stages, but as it grows I pray it will be an amazing resource for those in need.

Check out the series HERE.



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