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Middle Grade Series Launch Day

The wait is over! The first book of my Lolo and Winkle series is now available. Woot Woot! The second book of the series, Lolo and Winkle Zombie Apocalypse Club, is now available for pre-order.

Here's an author confession for ya: I'm on pins and needles! Launch day is exciting and scary at the same time. Authors want everyone to love their books, but what if they don't? Some of us sit, teeth clenched and holding our breath, waiting for the first sale of the day. And don't even get me started on the first review. Yikes!

Ha! No worries, I'm just excited to get the book into the hands of a middle grader. All it takes is one kid to say, "Your book made me want to read," and I'm in it for life. LOL.

Where do these stories come from?

Rockaway Peninsula Photo Credit: Politico New York

These stories are based on actual events from my childhood in Far, Rockaway, Queens, New York. My brother and I had quite adventurous childhoods. We were raised in a way that encouraged our imaginations. I guess we took that and ran with it. The things we did... Well, you'll read all about it. LOL

Lolo and Winkle will take you on real-life adventures. They are city kids dealing with home life, school drama, and the development that takes place in becoming a teen.

"If a parent ever wants to know the kind of things that happen with their kids when they're not around, they need to read this." -ARC Reviewer

I hope you enjoy Lolo and Winkle go Viral, and thanks for following my blog.



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