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Launching During Family Crisis

Updated: Jun 30, 2019

Frenemies, the third book of my Lolo and Winkle series, is now available. Though I'm so very happy to get another book out there for my readers, I released this one with great sadness.

My bonus daughter lost her battle with cancer. I dedicated the third book to her and it mentions her battle. Heartbroken and confused, I pushed myself to complete my editor's recommendations and get the book completed for launch day. It was no easy task. I approved the cover with the wrong spelling of frenemies. LOL. I'm glad I caught that. My heart was so heavy, but that's life right? When you have deadlines to meet, sometimes you just have to push through and get it done no matter what.

I smile thinking about something she said while in hospice. With all the things she dealt with (pain, medications, and breathing issues), she talked about wanting to name her fish Lolo and Winkle. It was just the funniest thing that she even thought about that. But, that was her. In the midst of her battle, she believed in me and in this series.

I hope my readers enjoy this third installment of the Lolo and Winkle series. Winkle's love of basketball plays a big part in this one. You'll find Winkle has calmed down a bit (for now) and that Lolo is finding her voice. Bruce, Bridgette, and the rest of the Zombie Apocalypse Club are back, and I introduce a few new friends.

What's my favorite scene from Frenemies?

This is the first time I can't choose a favorite scene. There's about three of them, but I can't figure out a way of telling you without revealing the story. Let me just say that anytime Winkle yells, "Release the Kraken," I just love it. LOL.

This pic is from a scene at school where Lolo leans against the wall bracing herself for whatever Bridgette is going to do next. This is the wall the book describes. I don't know what school this is, or how I came upon pic, but I think it's awesome.

"I love how Lolo has evolved over the school year and has learned to come out of her shell and speak up for herself. It's funny how far she takes it. Good on you for telling why Bridgette is such a bully. I can't wait to read the next book and find out what happens in London." -ARC Reviewer

I hope you enjoy Lolo and Winkle Frenemies, and look out for Lolo and Winkle Break London in August.



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