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L.B. Anne is doing author visits!

Hey, guys! My dream is becoming reality, and you're part of it! I hope to come to a school, library, or event near you. Let's get the word out. L.B. Anne is doing author visits! Yes!

Are you screaming and jumping up and down with excitement over this? I'm going to imagine you are, and that we just fist-bumped. I have to hype myself up.

This part of my job is so rewarding. Just the thought that I may be someone's favorite author, and that I might ignite something in them that causes them to write, change negative attitudes to positive, or just make them laugh and change their day, gives me goosebumps.

I love engaging with my readers. It doesn't matter whether I've had an audience of children or adults, those closest to them should notice an uptick in creativeness after my visit. That means a job well done.

You probably want to know what takes place during and author visit? Well, that depends on the age of the group I'm presenting to. You can find out more on the Author Visits page of my website. I can't wait to meet you!

Lolo and Winkle News:

Friends don't let friends miss out on great deals. Check out the September Book Lovers Box from Pikko's House! It's all middle grade fiction (meaning for ages 8-13) this month. Lolo and Winkle Go Viral is part of the box, and you can read it FREE all this week. There are 15 books in the September box. Take a look here. And don't forget to share with friends.

Strawberry Nice Cream. You can freeze it for a couple hours, but I prefer my like soft serve.

My latest obsession:

Introducing Nice Cream! LOL! I've been making it for years, but is has recently become popular because of the keto and high-protein ice creams that are available now.

I'm lactose intolerant so ice cream is a no-no for me. Nice cream satisfies that craving. Check out how easy it is to make:

2 frozen bananas

1 cup frozen strawberries or fruit of choice

1/2 to a cup of almond milk or coconut milk (start with 1/4 cup and increase as necessary)

1 tsp vanilla extract

1 scoop vanilla vegan protein powder (I use 2 scoops)

Blend to desired consistency, and viola!

A word of encouragement:

Give me a high-five! We got this!

You know how things come natural to people? Well, that's not me. I wasn't gifted at this. There are things I do everyday for my craft to prepare for where I'm going. You know how it is. You have to see it and prepare for it before it actually happens. So, that's what I did. I've been knocked down, there have been bumps and bruises, but I got back up. Why am I saying all of this? If you're a writer and are not achieving what you'd like to achieve, keep going. If you aren't a writer, whatever it is you are working toward, don't stop. I'm your online cheerleader. LOL! Don't be afraid to fail. There's a lesson in every failure. Use it to propel you forward. I'm rooting for you and I hope you're rooting for me. Now let's get out there and make it happen. See you soon.


L. B.

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