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Embrace the joy of summer reading with L. B. Anne's Reading Bees Summer Reading Program!

Updated: May 17, 2023

As the warm embrace of summer approaches, it's essential to keep our children engaged in the world of books. Reading during the summer offers numerous benefits, from expanding their imaginations to enhancing their vocabulary and critical thinking skills. That's why we're thrilled to announce the return of L. B. Anne's Reading Bees Summer Reading Program! Get ready for an exciting journey filled with captivating stories, creativity, and the chance to win fantastic rewards.

L. B. Anne's Reading Bees Summer Reading Program

Exploring the Reading List:

L. B. Anne has thoughtfully curated a diverse reading list, catering to a wide range of interests and reading levels. Whether your child is an adventure enthusiast, a lover of fantasy worlds, or a budding scientist, there's something for everyone. You can either purchase these books or conveniently check them out from your local library, ensuring accessibility for all.

Sharing Your Child's Literary Adventures:

Participating in the Reading Bees Summer Reading Program is not just about reading books; it's also an opportunity for your child to express their creativity and engage with the stories on a deeper level. After your child finishes reading a book from the list, encourage them to write a 100-word summary, capturing their favorite moments, the key takeaways, or the impact the book had on them. Additionally, have them create a visual representation—a drawing, a craft, or any other creative medium—to showcase their understanding and connection to the story.

Here are a few examples related to the book Fish in a Tree by Lynda Mullaly Hunt.

Examples of reports from reading students

**Email your summaries or photos of projects to

Weekly Highlights and Recognition:

We believe in celebrating the incredible efforts of our young readers. Each week, we'll select the most outstanding book summaries and accompanying visuals to showcase on our platform. It's a chance for your child's creativity to shine and inspire others in their reading journey. By participating in this community of book lovers, your child will be motivated to explore new stories and share their unique perspectives.

Rewards for Achievement:

To recognize and encourage the commitment to reading, we've added an exciting element of competition. At the end of August, we will tally the number of books completed by each participant. Those who complete the most books will receive a well-deserved $25 Amazon gift card as a token of appreciation for their dedication to reading and the program.

It all begins the second week of June and ends the second week of August!

This summer, let's nurture a love for reading in our children by joining L. B. Anne's Reading Bees Summer Reading Program. With an engaging book list, creative expression, and the chance to win rewards, it's a remarkable opportunity to make reading a joyful part of their summer break. Embrace the power of storytelling, unlock the wonders of imagination, and embark on a journey that will leave a lasting impact on your child's life.

Join us LIVE on Instagram on May 17th, at 7 pm to discuss the Reading Bees Summer Reading Program. Together, let's create a summer full of inspiration, exploration, and the magic of books!

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