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Crown Day Reads: Love Your Hair

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

Today we want to celebrate CROWN Day! 👑 July 3rd commemorates California’s 2019 passing of the Create a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair, or CROWN Act, which outlawed race-based hair discrimination in employment and education.

Since then, 17 states have added this law and there is currently a bill in the Senate to make the CROWN Act federally enforced. You can sign the petition to urge legislators to end hair discrimination and vote yes on the CROWN Act here. And you can elect people who will work to get the CROWN Act passed with your vote in the midterm election on November 8th. Make sure you are registered to vote well in advance of Election Day and make a plan to get to the polls!

CROWN Day is also known as Black Hair Independence Day, as the act was specifically targeted to eliminate discrimination against Black women’s hair textures and protective hairstyles like braids, locs, twists or bantu knots.

We want to celebrate these styles and textures in all their natural beauty with some books about loving the hair you were given!

Hair Love written by Matthew A. Cherry and illustrated by Vashti Harrison tells early level readers the story of a dad who is determined to learn how to do his daughter’s hair for a special occasion!

Crown: An Ode to the Fresh Cut written by Derrick Barnes and illustrated by Gordon C. James tells early level readers the story of barbershops and all they do to boost self-confidence and help kids love themselves!

Curls written by Ruth Forman and illustrated by Geneva Bowers is an early level story that celebrates all different types of fun hairstyles with illustrations that capture the life and beauty of Black hair!

Pickled Pudding by L.B. Anne is the first book in the Curly Girl Adventures series for intermediate level readers. It tells the story of Zuri, the leader of the Curly Girl Club, who tries to help her friend return her hair to its natural curly state!

Visit for more information and resources!

Story Shifters started as an opportunity to expose children of African descent to the many stories of people who look like them from all over the world. Through reading clubs and youth programming, Stories Shifters aims to build not only children's literacy skills and historical knowledge but also their confidence to develop their own stories to share with their communities and broader. Visit for more information.

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