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Introducing the Sheena Meyer Group Funko Pop Package. Available for a limited time!


These adorable vinyl figures will brighten up any bookshelf or desk and are the perfect addition to any collection.


Choose between Group 1 and/or Group 2, each featuring eight of your favorite characters from the Sheena Meyer series, Seren from the Knights of the Gleam series, and a special ID card to match. But hurry - only a limited number of packages are available this holiday season, so get yours today!


Shipping is included. U.S. only.


Sheena Meyer Series Group Funko Pop Package

  • Group 1:

    1. Sheena
    2. Nana
    3. Chana
    4. Cameron
    5. Teddy
    6. Bradly
    7. Ariel
    8. Teila

    Group 2:

    1. Corey
    2. Bodhi
    3. Logan
    4. Jasmine
    5. Pheonix
    6. Parker
    7. Justin
    8. Seren
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