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"This book is a must for readers of A Wrinkle in Time." ~ ARC Reviewer

The Sheena Meyer Series


"The series took us on an unbelievable journey filled with heartwarming and heart-pounding moments. Good versus evil personified, demonized and personalized. Totally enjoyed them all." Amazon Reviewer


Is one gleamer enough to confront the Murk head-on in this third installment of the Sheena Meyer series?

In The Girl Who Spoke to the Wind, Sheena fought against thoughts of fear and defeat—mind games used by the Murk to make her lose hope. She and her friends faced Luke Tobias and risked their lives to save Dingy and the missing children. But it’s clear the fight against the Murk has just begun. Sheena sees the Murk everywhere; at her school dance and in her classroom. Only this time, someone else sees it too. 


If angels are with her, Sheena can't tell. She hasn’t received a text or any form of contact from her angel. It worries her so much that she’s having nightmares and believes she is no longer a gleamer. She turns to the Lumen for answers, the strange book left to her by Mr. Tobias. It’s written in a language only she can decipher and unfolds a destiny she’s not ready to accept. At that back are blank pages that fill as the Murk gets stronger. 


When the Murk can't get to Sheena because of her guardian, it releases something terrifying, and Sheena fears there’s no hope. Can she figure out what the “Brilliant light” is that the Lumen speaks of in time to save her friends?

The Girl Who Captured the Sun is the third book in the Sheena Meyer adventure series. It’s a perfect fit for readers who love fast-moving page-turners with memorable characters. 


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